Making pottery for me is about giving and receiving simultaneously.   It is about hospitality.  I would like my pottery to embody my unspoken assumptions about our heritage and culture.  How and what we eat is one of the means by which society creates itself, and acts out its aims and functions.  By thinking about food as identity, as sex, as power, as friendship, as a means of magic and witchcraft, and as our time controller, I see food as the root of culture: that which gives meaning to our lives.  As a potter, I hope my pots will shape and dramatize the rituals surrounding food and allow me, the potter, to partake actively in the lives of those who enjoy my work. 


My pottery is made of porcelain clay.  Most of it is wheel thrown and altered.  While some pieces have figurative elements, all of my work is glazed and decorated to enhance visual and tactile contrasts.  I fire my pots in a gas kiln to cone ten.