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Josh Manning Pitcher
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Josh is a local of the Floyd area and began his lifelong journey in the ceramics arts at an early age during

a high school ceramics class.  From that springboard he has traveled across the continent, made several

pilgrimages to China, been a resident artist at the Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, VA, and

achieved his terminal degree in the fine arts. The path, however winding, has led Josh to become a

potter dedicated to his craft and the pursuit of making thoughtful objects.  His studio Parlour Pottery, a

former milk parlour, is located in Copper Hill, VA.

I make functional pottery out of a proto-porcelain that i’ve designed  and mix in the studio. I incorporate

as many local materials as possible that creates the chemistry of the work, be it wood ash from the

fireplace or rock dust from the quarry.