16 Hands Members:     Silvie Granatelli,     Ellen Shankin, Brad Warstler,     Donna Polseno,     Josh Copus, and Rick Hensley(no longer a participating member)                                                                        

16 Hands Members: Silvie Granatelli, Ellen Shankin, Brad Warstler, Donna Polseno, Josh Copus, and Rick Hensley(no longer a participating member)



                                         Donna Polseno will be showing at the Shankin/ Warstler studio.

                                                                                         Josh Copus will be showing at Benjie Osborne's studio

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The 2018  16hands/Terra Floyd
              Fall Studio Tour:

November 23    10-5

November 24    10-5

November 25      1-5


As always, new Visiting Artists will be joining us.

Our next Studio Tour is just after Thanksgiving, in the fall .   Be sure to make plans to visit us and bring along your friends and family who have come to celebrate the holiday with you.

Every tour is different, with new work and, of course, new Visiting Artists. This year another generation of potters in Floyd will be joining us for this extravaganza. Visit the www.terrafloyd.com   web site to see the range of pottery that they make.

See you then!



About the Tour

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains there is an enclave of craftsmen who have solidified deep friendships as well as a network of creative, technical, and professional support over the past 25 years. Drawn to the area by it's beauty and tranquility, with much determination, they established working studios, vital careers and a way of life.

From the beginning they shared many common goals and apprehensions, offering each other feedback, assistance and courage. In the fall of 1998 this commonality blossomed into a formalized association called 16 Hands. They recognized a shared desire to deepen the relationship with the people who appreciate their work by inviting them into their studios.

Over the years many of them attempted this in individual ways, hosting sales independent of one another and on different dates. It became apparent that by joining resources they could offer a broader more enjoyable experience to a greater number of people by creating a tour of all the studios on the same weekend.

So, the 16 Hands Studio Tours came about, offered twice yearly: the fourth weekend in November and the first weekend in May.In the spring of 2000, each craftsmen opened their doors to welcome visitors year round. The members of 16 Hands has evolved over time, and now includes both original members and the next generation of craftsman.  

If you are interested in viewing their work, other than at tour time, e-mail us about studio hours and other details.

Our Sponsors

Every year, the following sponsors support our tour.  In gratitude, we urge you to visit them the next time you pass by, and many thanks for all of your continued support.  Click businesses below for links to their websites!